Eavestroughs are essential to any house as it has the important job of diverting rain water from your roof, to your downpipes and off into the rain barrel or the drainage.

It is important to keep Eavestrough clean and this can be difficult job, especially in the fall when trees lose their leaves and the ground is cluttered with them. If not properly cleaned, leaves can create blockage in down-pipes resulting in overflow of water. If the water pools, it can put undue strain on the eaves causing structural or superficial damage.

Where homes become in danger of actual damage is when the Eavestroughs or downpipes become broken or damaged and all functionality ceases. This can be a problem for home owners since there is no quick solution for repairing or replacing these essential components. Due to the harsh Canadian winter, blockage problems will continue to appear and this adds even more damages to the Eavestroughs.

There is a solution to this problem, it is called gutter-guard or leaves protection.

We recommend only one type that is proven to work, Alu-rex gutter-guard. With holes that absorb all the regular rain water, heavy downpour actually flushes the dry leaves that are sitting on-top of the gutter guard. When Alu-rex gutter-guard is properly installed, maintenance is next to nothing. We recommend installation of alu-rex on new eaves as this is going to save money for cleaning and give your eaves a extra strength and reliability. 

Eavestroughs are our contractor’s bread and butter. More specifically, we specialize in everything involving aluminum Eavestroughs. Aluminum Eavestrough have a lot of benefits as it is versatile, allowing for minimum to no damage. It has a long lifespan, as long as it is properly maintained.  At Alu-Pro our contractors assure that your house is protected from any mold and leakage. We offer a variety of materials including copper, leaded copper, zinc, galvanized steel and painted aluminum.

The benefits of an Seamless Aluminum Eavestrough:

  • Decreases the chance of soil erosion
  • Increases the efficiency of water distribution as well as being more durable than old style galvanise which can rust.
  • Protect your concrete, walkways or driveways from cracking or damage.
  • Protect your home from moisture damage that might occur from having damaged Eavestrough.
  • Adding that clean curb appeal