Wood has always been a natural part of building materials because of durability, reliability and more importantly, its multi-purpose capabilities. Siding is the outer covering of a house that is meant to shed water and protect buildings from the effects of the weather. Sidings are formed in various ways, from horizontal or vertical boards to shingles and sheet materials. It also comes in a variety of materials such as, wood, metal, plastic (vinyl), masonry or composite materials. Alu-pro specializes in wood-siding and guarantees that sidings are properly installed and primed. The demand for wood siding on houses is extremely high AND, it would only make sense that the experts at Alu-pro can work effectively with wood-siding. Our services also extend out of wood-siding, we provide many options such as vinyl siding and engineered siding. If you have any inquiries regarding which siding is the right for you, please contact us at (905) 330-8697.

With a variety of woods and different sidings which include:

  • Vinyl Siding: is the easiest to install and least cost effective material to use. It is maintenance free, and when properly installed it will give you years of protection against harsh Canadian winters. It eliminates the hassle and expense when wanting to repaint your house. There are numerous styles and colours to choose from. You can also choose the sizes which range from simple horizontal to advanced interlocking styles that give the appearance of natural wood. These colours are extremely resilient and are hard to chip, warp or fade.
  • Wood Siding: Wood Siding has gained back its popularity by having a 25 – 35 years of warranty on the paint and material itself. The warm look of the wood is hard to beat and it also offers an extra layer of external insulation from the elements. Finding the right style to your house can be extremely difficult, we are here to help.  We at Alu-pro offer three beautiful styles which include horizontal lap siding, board and baton and cedar shakes. We will help you find the right style, colour and provide samples for each one.
  • Engineered Siding: It is 100% recycled compressed wood and is the epitome of a green future. Engineered Siding can be difficult to install, the team at Alu-pro makes sure that this specific material is properly installed and trimmed. With a 25-30-year warranty on paint and material, it is definitely one of the best choices for those who think “Green”.

There is definitely a way that our team at Alu-pro can accentuate your house to reflect the more beautiful side of nature. The good benefit about wood is that it is already self-insulated, because it is a natural element. Normal siding might not have insulation causing you to lose heat from your house without even realizing it. This is extremely expensive and could end up costing you thousands of dollars in heating bills.