Square Evestroughs
Traditional or European eavestroughs are rounded in shape, but square eavestroughing has many advantages and benefits for your home or business

Square eavestrough application completely fits the roof-line

The simple elegant shape of a square is so popular with the new modern home design. The modern home look is on the rise again and the square eavestrough application completely fits the roof-line. Complete with square/rectangle downspouts and/or rain-chain combination it completes the beauty of modern simplicity. 

Clean, sleek look.

Square eavestroughing complements modern architectural styles


 Square eavestroughs are durable and long-lasting when installed correctly.

Can be used with gutter guards

 Square eavestroughs can clog over time, but gutter guards can prevent this problem before it begins.

Advantages and benefits of square eavestroughing

Eavestroughs and rain gutters are manufactured of strong, durable and maintenance-free materials which is ideal for the exterior of the home. They are available in different styles, just as different homes are built in different materials and architectural styles. Each eavestrough and gutter style has its own distinct advantage and disadvantages. 

Square eavestroughs are available in hi-square or lo-square profile.

  • Hi-square: This 130 mm high eavestroughing and guttering provides a visual cover for the roof. Its square front delivers an elegant finish to any building. It has a slotted structure that reduces chances of water overflowing.
  • Lo-Square: This eavestrough and gutter type is slightly shorter in height than the Hi-Square, but its elegant front provides a neat finish to the roof’s appearance. The Lo-Square gutter is compact and can be easily installed.

Square eavestroughs have a high capacity and they can cope with large volumes of water easily. It is also important to mention that their modern profile suits all home styles.

Here are some of the reasons to consider square eavestroughing for your exterior:

  • Clean, sleek look.
  • Variety of sizes
  • Many colours available

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Frequently Asked Questions

Damaged or improperly installed square eavestrougs can lead to extensive water damage, so home insurance providers may inquire about their condition during the quote process. 

A recent  study determined the average cost of a flooded basement in Canada to be $43,000. Square eavestrougs and downspouts are one of your home’s silent heroes. One inch of rainfall on an average roof generates over 7,000 litres of water; all of which must be moved away from your premises to avoid flooding or water damage.  Here are FAQs and responses you should know.

What are eavestroughs?

A gutter (or eavestrough) is a pipe that’s attached to your home’s fascia, perpendicular to the roof. It’s designed to capture water that falls onto the property. Pipes are usually made from metal or plastic and sit at a slight angle in order to direct the flow of water towards a downspout.

What is a downspout?

While the gutter sits horizontally, as the name suggests, a downspout sits vertically, carrying rainwater to ground level. In most cases, water is discarded either in a municipal drain or far enough from the property that it won’t compromise the foundation.

What is the life expectancy of eavethroughs and downspouts?

20 to 40 years for aluminum gutters and downspouts.
50 years for copper gutters and 100 years for copper downspouts.
20 years for galvanized steel gutters and downspouts.
25 years for vinyl gutters and downspouts.

How to maintain your square eavestrougs and downspouts

Most systems require very little maintenance for the pipes themselves, but it’s essential to clear both the gutters and downspouts of debris frequently to ensure they remain effective in heavy rain.