Soffit and Fascia
Soffit and Fascia is an important installation to all homes, it plays an important function to any houses, preventing animals from intruding, as well as provide intake ventilation to your attic. At Alu-Pro, we assure our clients get the proper installation and replacement for your old Soffit and Fascia.
Keeping your house protected through the seasons

The Importance of Good Soffit

You can have a non-ventilated or ventilated Soffit for cooling in a non-livable attic space.  This will give your home a fresh positive airflow especially if you receive aluminum Soffit, which has the benefit of being resilient against those cold and extreme Canadian winters. Aluminum Soffit is durable to wind, snow, rain and time, requiring little to no maintenance. 


Replacing an old and outdated Soffit is crucial, as your home needs proper ventilation, allowing your building to breathe and have positive airflow. Installing Soffit limits the moisture that enters through the vent, keeping your house protected through the seasons. Ventilation is extremely important for airflow to your attic, as it helps preserve the wood and insulation in your attic which will keep your shingles from cracking pre-emptively.


Fascia is wood, polyvinyl chloride or aluminum siding that appears on the side of the roof connecting the Soffit to the exterior of the wall. It is part of that creates a barrier between the outside and the edge of the roof, providing protection to your home. Fascia is typically installed beneath the roofline and the gutters. Just like the roof, strong Fascia is an important part of any modern home.


 It is important to know that if your home has old style wooden Soffit and Fascia, that it is recommended that you replace it with Soffit and clad Fascia (in aluminium) which will increase air ventilation and also decrease your need for maintenance. You will no longer have to paint AND, this will greatly increase life of your roof.

We value the people that live under their roof


Many companies claim to be the best siding company BUT, only offer a certain set of services over a period of time. Here at Alu-Pro, we specialize in everything Siding and our specialty, Soffit and Fascia. Other contractors will overlook Soffit and Fascia for more observable roof structures like the dormers or even the roof itself.

These oversights can end up costing you not only money, but stability of the entirety of your roof, as well as open your home up to a variety of health and mold issues. This is why at Alu-Pro, we don’t just value the aesthetics of your house, we value the people that live under their roof.

The materials that we create our Soffit and Fascia from are:

  • Aluminum (Our most sold material as well as most sought after)
  • Vinyl
  • Wood
  • Copper
  • Composite

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Frequently Asked Questions

Both soffits and fascias serve practical purposes protecting your house as well as adding a finished and aesthetically pleasing look to the roof.  Therefore when planning your roof, never forget to include these vital lesser known elements.

What are Fascias?

The fascia is placed at the spot where the roof meets an outer wall, often termed as the roofline. Fascia, or fascia boards, are long straight boards that are found at the lower edge of the roof and is fixed directly to roof trusses. It works to support the last row of tiles or other roofing material as well as supporting the guttering. Like soffits, fascias do two jobs – they finish the look of the house and protect the interior from weathering damage.

What are Soffits?

The word ‘soffit’ comes from French and translates to meaning ‘something fixed underneath’. They are most commonly used in the main roofing area but also under porches and even under flights of stairs. There are many different materials used to create them include fibres, cement, steel and wood.

How much will replacement fascia and soffit cost?

The cost your installation will depend on a number of factors such as the size of your property, what type of property: terrace, semi-detached, detached or bungalow, your choice of either white or woodgrain finish and whether you require our cap over or full replacement service

What does full replacement involve?

Our full replacement service involves removing all the existing timber fascia, soffit and barge board. Ventilation strips are attached to the upper edge of the new fascia board which ensures a flow of air into the roof space between the felt and the fascia board. The new fascia, soffit and bargeboard is then fitted.